About Us

Abracadabra Waste Disposal was founded in 1985 by a man with a van who felt the need for a reliable, environmentally conscious waste disposal service in the community, one that would recycle 90% of all the waste it handles. We are proud to continue this tradition over all these years. The company has stayed in the family since then and serves a wide variety of customers in Bath and the surrounding areas.

Abracadabra offers you no-hassle waste disposal services at a competitive price. We’ll handle any job with the care it requires, whether it's getting rid of your fridge, clearing that huge pile of green waste in your garden or demolishing and disposing of your garage. We are fully licensed by the Environment Agency so you can rest assured that we will dispose of everything with care and diligence, giving you peace of mind Our experienced operatives guide you every step of the way, so your clearance is safe, relaxed, and easy.


Abracadabra Waste Disposal
1 Worcester Terrace, Bath, England, BA1 6PY 


07497 698188


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